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Grand lustre style Rocaille début 1900 - Large chandelier Rococo

Fabrication en bronze, laiton et verre. Manufacturing bronze, brass and glass.
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Lustre aux têtes d'aigle, style Empire - Chandelier eagle heads

Fabrication en bronze doré et tôle de couleur verte. Manufacturing in bronze golden and sheet metal of green color.
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Lustre montgolfière pampilles - Chandelier ballooning tassels

Fabrication en verre et laiton. Manufacturing in glass and brass.
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Lustre style Louis XVI - Chandelier

Fabrication en bronze et verre. Manufacturing bronze and glass.
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Lustre style Louis XVI - Chandelier bronze

Fabrication en bronze, grande qualité. Manufacturing bronze, high quality.
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Lustre, cygnes, style Empire - PETITOT - Chandelier swans decor

Fabrication en bronze doré et patine verte. Manufacturing bronze golden and patina green color.
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Results 1 - 6 of 7

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